While countries in the West have their religious faith, countries in Asia have their spiritual traditions through which they anchor their lives on. Under the term Asian spirituality are practices like yoga and meditation, Buddhism, among others. With all these traditions, you can’t help but wonder if you could gain self-enlightenment just by following the practices of these traditions. And the quick answer to that question is this: it all depends.

Definitely, doing something just for the sake of doing it will render the practice useless unless if you have some building blocks in place. We call them the building blocks of spirituality. What are they? There is actually just one: LOVE.

No, we are not talking about romantic love here. We are talking about love as the nature of things. At the heart of spirituality and enlightenment is the search for the essence of love and becoming one with it.

You only need to take a look at how we react to different elements and how they effect us. Is it important to have good drinking water? Of course, and regarding the importance of love, we can look at the specifics of meditation practice to know that it is true. When you meditate, you recite a mantra over and over again, and no matter which guru you get your mantra from and what the mantra is, the meaning is always the same: love is the essence of all things.